T: +27 (0)11 470 6840


  • Audio Technica 5040 studio mic
  • AKG 414 B-ULS Studio Mic
  • DPA 4098 microphones
  • DPA 4006 D:dicate vocal and instrument mics
  • DPA 4099 d:vote instrument mics
  • D:facto new vocal mics
  • DPA D:Vote
  • EV RE20
  • EV RE510

2 x Electrovoice EKX 15” tops
2 x Electrovoice EKX 18” Subs

Stage monitors
Combination of EV ZXa1 monitors & EV 12” monitors

TC Electronics bass amp

Vocal Booth monitoring
Audio Technica ATH M70x and ATH M50x headphones
Control room monitoring on Dynaudio BM6 studio monitors
Tannoy playback speakers

Recording Hardware & software
Midas Venice F mixing console
All live FOH channels get split and patched into the studio with Klark Teknik Square 1 splitters
Logic Pro X recording software
Wavelab 8
Various Virtual instruments on software

Midas Pro 1
Midas M32
On stage we use Klark Teknik DI’s

Tricaster HD Mini
Sony Anacast workstation
3 x Panasonic AG-DVX200 4K Video Cameras
3 x Sony HDV Video cameras
4m Traveller JIB
Tracks and Dolly
2 x Steadycam
Video editing on apple Mac and Final Cut ProX 

Martin M2Go lighting Console
ETC ION Lighting console
ETC LED Series2 Lustr Profiles
ETC Colorsource Pars
Martin Moving Lights consisting of Mac 700 profiles  & Mac 101’s
PR light moving heads
Jem K1 Hazer

Piano & Keyboard
Steinway & Sons baby Grand
Roland RD 150 Keyboard

6m motorized screen
Christie Projector


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